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Rey Lear (King Lear)

Cast & Crew

Alfredo Alcón as King Lear
Roberto Carnaghi as the Earl of Gloucester
Joaquín Furriel as Edgar
Juan Gil Navarro as Edmund
Roberto Castro as El Loco
Horacio Peña as the Earl of Kent
Carlos Bermejo as the Duke of Cornwall
Mónica Santibáñez as Goneril
Ricardo Merkin as the Duke of Albany
Paula Canals as Regan
Julián Vilar as Oswald
María Zambelli as Cordelia
Luciano Linardi as Duke of Burgundy
Paul Mauch as King of France
Eduardo Peralta as the Doctor

Director: Rubén Szuchmacher
Jorge Ferrari: Set Design, Lighting and Costumes Projections
Gonzalo Córdova: Lighting Design
Barbara Togander: Original Music and Sound Design
Nicholás Balcone: Stage Manager and Assistant Director
Facundo Estol: Lighting Design Assistant
Andrea Mercado: Set and Costume Assistant
Juan Ismael Dip and Brian Verón: Dressing
Gustavo Lazarte: Machinist Company
Gabriela Kogan: Visual Communication
SMW: Press
Carla Carrieri: Executive Producer
Damián Zaga: Production Monitoring
Ariel Stolier: Production Manager
Pablo Kompel and Adrián Suar: General Producers

Premiered at the Teatro Nuevo Apolo, Corrientes 1372, on August 3, 2009

Additional Details

Blog post by Rubén Szuchmacher about Rey Lear (in Spanish) (Google translated in English)

Blog post on Buenos Aires Insomne about Rey Lear (in Spanish) (Google translated in English)



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  1. Lucía says:

    Excelente producción y actuaciones de primer nivel. Un privilegio haberla visto en vivo y un verdadero gusto verla ahora al alcance de todos. ¡Gracias!

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    Rey Lear (King Lear)

    Szuchmacher, Rubén | Productions

    Source: Fundación Shakespeare Argentina

    Full video

    Note: This is the full video

    Duration: 02:13:15

    Love test - highlights 1 of 4

    Note: King Lear chooses to divide his kingdom among his three daughters and will determine their share based on their answers to his question: “which one of you loves me most?”

    Lear on the heath – highlights 2 of 4

    Note: King Lear and his Fool have been driven outdoors into a thunderstorm. As they try to see shelter, Lear rages at the rain, thunder, and wind about his plight and begins to lose his sanity.

    Cliffs of Dover – highlights 3 of 4

    Note: Edgar disguised as Poor Tom pretends to lead his father, the blinded Gloucester, to a cliff’s edge since the older man wishes to end his life and jump to his death. However, the son has a different plan in mind to cure Gloucester of his death wish.

    Lear and Cordelia reunite – highlights 4 of 4

    Note: After King Lear has been rescued and cared for following his ordeal in the thunderstorm, he is reunited with his beloved daughter Cordelia. When he first wakes from sleep, he is confused by his surroundings and does not trust what he sees.