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I’m writing You from a Distant Country is a contemporary version of Hamlet which was written and directed by Felipe Hirsch in 1997. Hirsch  uses the text of Shakespeare as a pretext, reworking themes already dramatically elaborated in order to represent them as a new material to reflect on, making use of a metatheatrical structure that becomes the backbone of the spectacle in terms of content and conception. While integrating into I’m Writing You from a Distant Country Shakespeare’s Hamlet and other intertextual references, employing the parodic practice as a dynamic tool for textual appropriation, Hirsch reelaborates in modern structures of thought the Shakespearian tragedy: man is deprived of masks, illusions, travestied truths and divided between contradictory demands of a wold that pretends to be real and that drives him to assume his fictive role of the tragic hero. Hirsch has achieved a perfect integration between form and content, legitimizing the validity of parodic and metathetrical strategies, which serve as an instrument to raise the consciousness of the spectators, making them aware that reality is subjective and linguistically constructed.

— Célia Arns de Miranda


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    Estou te escrevendo de um país distante (I’m Writing You from a Distant Country)

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