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Commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company as part of the Complete Works Festival in 2006, the award winning community theatre company Nós do Morro (We from the Favela/Hillside) displays a fresh and energetic performance of Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona. Switching effortlessly from the comic to the serious, the plotline is infused by vibrating music and movement. The actors’ bodies become central to a physical theatre which dispenses with elaborate props or sets: actors resourcefully stand in for scenery, playing furniture, buildings and walls. Even Lauce’s dog, Crab, receives a scene-stealer performance. Cloth is used for various ends: to mark out space, as costume and as letters. For instance, the love letter Julia receives from Proteus is made of cloth patches, loosely stitched together. Samba and *capoeira, supported by a trio of onstage musicians, are rhythmically punctuated by the Afro Brazilian instrument *berimbau and help to culturally locate the play in Brazil as well as set the tone and pace for Shakespeare’s tale of friendship, love and betrayal.

Dois Cavalheiros de Verona (The Two Gentlemen of Verona) by Nós do Morro was performed in Stratford upon Avon at the Courtyard Theatre  at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Complete Works Festival, and at The Barbican Center in London  in 2008. The production has also been shown in several cities in Brazil.

*Berimbau is a stringed instrument built from a gourd. It has its roots in Southern African culture but has been incorporated into the Brazilian art of capoeira

*Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial art that combines elements of dance and music.

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Director: Guti Fraga

Director (Gallery 37): Deborah Shaw

Composer/Collaborator: Sianed Jones

Lighting Designer: José Frederico Canto Pinheiro

Movement Director: Johayne Hildefonso

Costume Designer: Kika de Medina

Prologues written by: Luis Correa Castro

Scenic Elements: Fernando Mello da Costa

Songs and music for Nós do Morro: Gabriela Geluda

Songs and music for Nós do Morro: Wellington Soares

Cast: Sandro de Matos Ribeiro, Luis Henrique Delfino Rodrigues, Diogo de Brito Sales, Luis Henrique Delfino Rodrigues, Diogo de Brito Sales, Renato Rocha, Mary Sheila de Paula Costa, Alexis Martins Froes Abraham,  Cecilia Aparecida da Silva Alves, Micael Leandro de Farias Borges, Renato Rocha, Tasnim Baxter, Dina Choudhury, Shafiq Dad, Mariana de Oliveira Bezerra, Lana Hall, Andre Hesson, Omar Khan, Natalie Lyon, Andrew Nguyen, Joshua Purfield-Clark, Tatiana Delfina Rodriguez, Onelia Sylvester, João André Rodrigues de Lima, Renan Monteiro, Aldino Santos Brito, Roberta Rodrigues, Pedro Caetano Gonçalves de Lima, Thiago dos Santos Martins.


Production notes provided by Cristiane Busato Smith

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  1. liana leao says:

    saw the production in Curitiba, it is indeed very energetic as the description says. As with other Brazilian adaptations, this one relies on music and dance. Compare, for instance, with Othelo da Mangueira or with the short clip shown on this site of SUA INCELENÇA (OR INCELENSA) Richard III, or even with Romeo and Juliet by Grupo Galpao. All of these productions rely a lot on dancing and singing. All very energetic productions.

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    Dois Cavalheiros de Verona (Two Gentlemen of Verona)

    Fraga, Gutti (Guti) | Productions
    Sao Paulo,Brazil


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    The Complete Works Festival Workshop

    Note: Workshop with Cecily Berry, for The Complete Works Festival, Stratford, 2006.

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