Fiennes, Ralph 2011

Ralph Fiennes stars as the title character and makes his directorial debut in this 2011 adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play Coriolanus. The film was shot in Belgrade, and the story was updated to a contemporary setting. John Logan wrote the screenplay. Read More


Lin, Zhaohua 2007

Coriolanus was co-directed by Lin Zhaohua and Yi Liming and performed by the Beijing People’s Arts Theatre. Created in 2007, the production starred Pu Cunxi (as Coriolanus) and Xue Shan and was staged again in 2013 for the Edinburgh Festival.





Lee, Hyon-u 2005

Coriolanus was performed in 2005 by the Hwadong Theatre Company and directed by Hyon-u Lee.


Tae-woong You as Coriolanus
Bong-sook Sohn as Volumnia



Coriolanus (Korioreinasu)

Ninagawa, Yukio 2007

Coriolanus (Korioreinasu) was performed at the Barbican Theatre in London 2007.


Toshiaki Caracara as Coriolanus
Masanobu Katsumura as Aufidius
Kotaro Yoshida as Menenius


Choreography – Masahiro Kunii
Set Designer – Tsukasa Nakagoshi,
Costume Designer – Lily Komine
Lighting Designer – Tamotsu Harada