Interview with directors

‘The spirit of Shakespeare is alive’
The directors of Two Roses for Richard III in conversation with World Shakespeare Festival Director Deborah Shaw.
Brazilian theatre company Companhia Bufomecânica reopen The Courtyard Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon with their beautiful and stylized production Two Roses for Richard III, which then transfers to the Roundhouse in London.
A visually stunning interpretation of Shakespeare’s history plays, it combines theatre, music, circus, aerial skills and striking imagery to create an innovative retelling of Shakespeare’s most famous stories.
Two Roses for Richard III plays at the Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-upn-Avon from 7-12 May 2012 and at the Roundhouse, London from 18-23 May 2012.

Two Roses for Richard III

Baltar, Cláudio; Ferreira, Fábio 2012

Two Roses for Richard III is Brazilian theatre company Companhia BufoMecânica’s visual interpretation of Richard III, commissioned for the 2012 World Shakespeare Festival. The production blended theatre with acrobatics, multimedia displays and circus. Read More