Titus kills Lavinia

In the final scene, Saturninus, Tamora and Lucius are seated at a long table while Titus, dressed as a cook, kills Lavinia who is kneeling in front of a washbasin. Titus kills Lavinia by throwing a white veil on her head. He returns to the table and resumes eating, as if nothing had happened. There is no sense of horrific shock or disgust except for occasional gasps from the audience. The guests continued to eat as well.

Lavinia mourning her brothers

A white-clad Lavinia (Ozana Oancea) approached Titus’ sons who are being laid to rest. Note the contrast between Lavinia’s ethereal appearance and the savagery of her brothers.

Titus Andronicus (1992)

Purcarete, Silviu 1992

Titus Andronicus, directed by Silviu Purcarete for the National Theater in Craiova, Romania, 14 March 1992. Staged in the aftermath of the 1989 revolution, Purcarete’s production was set in fratricidal violence of the post-communist Balkans. It won several awards at festivals in Romania, Canada, and Brazil. Read More