Opening Scene + murder of Clarence

This video clip shows the opening scene and the murder of Clarence. At the 44 second mark, the audio track had to be removed because Lin Zhaohua used Pink Floyd’s song, “The Show Must Go On,” which is copyrighted.


This jazzy Richard III (performed in Mandarin by mainland Chinese actors and enhanced by multimedia on stage) was directed by Mr. LIN Zhaohua, a key figure in avant-garde theater in East Asia. He began his career in 1951 with the preeminent, state-funded, Beijing People’s Arts Theatre (BPAT) and established his own company, the Lin Zhaohua Workshop, in 1989.


Commissioned by Berlin Asien-Pazifik Woche 2001 and performed in Beijing and Berlin


Li cha san shi (Richard III)

Lin, Zhaohua 2001

Richard III (2001) was directed by Lin Zhaohua and produced by the Lin Zhaohua Workshop, Central Experimental Spoken Drama Company and the Arts College, Sun Wen University. Lin used the Chinese translations of the play by ZHU Shenghao and LIANG Shiqiu. Read More