Kingdom of Desire

Wu, Hsing-kuo 1986 | One Comment

During the Eastern Chou Dynasty of the Warring State when feudalism was at its peak. The nation of Chi fell prey to the greed and ambitions of the Lord Chancellor, Wei Lie-Bo. East City Defender, Au-Shu, and his deputy, Meng, were called upon to settle the disputes. Read More

mountain forest spirit

General Au-Shu (Macbeth) and General Meng-Ting (Banquo) meet the mountain forest spirit for the first time.

Address to the troops

General Au-Shu (Macbeth) attempts to calm his troops and tells them about his encounter with the forest spirit to reassure them of victory.

Deaths of Lady Macbeth and Macbeth

As Macbeth is rallying his troops, a messenger arrives to tell him that Lady Macbeth is dead. Shortly afterwards, the trees are seen moving and Macbeth is later shot death with an arrow.