Kurita, Yoshihiro 2007

This 2007 production of Hamlet directed by Yoshihiro Kurita relies on elements of traditional noh theatre and the epic story-telling tradition of Japan to re-imagine Shakespeare’s play. The Hamlet character remains seated at the front of the stage throughout the performance while delivering his lines. Read More

Players arrive

Polonius (played by the director Yoshihiro Kurita) announces the arrival of the players. Hamlet requests that they perform a scene from the Fall of Troy.

preview of Duel scene

Karakuri or mechanized puppets (dolls) duel during a recitation of the Fall of Troy by the players.

Madness in Ophelia

Ophelia’s movements in the “mad scene” evoke those of the mechanized puppets used elsewhere in the production.

Duel scene

The duel between Hamlet and Laertes is mimed by mechanized puppets (dolls) while the main characters speak the dialog.