Highlights from Cia Vagalum Tum Tum’s Bruxas da Escocia (Macbeth):
1) 0:00 – 0:42 Macbeth in the battle field
2) 0:43 – 2:14 Witches make predictions to Macbeth
3) 2:15 – 3:21 Lady Macbeth tries to convince Macbeth
4) 3:22 – 6:03 Lady Macbeth summons the dark forces + Song – Think, Macbeth!


Bruxas da Escócia (The Witches of Scotland)

Brandini, Ângelo 2014

Bruxas da Escócia (The Witches from Scotland) is Vagalum Tum Tum Theatre Company’s fourth stage adaptation of Shakespeare for children. In the same approach of Vagalum’s earlier comedic adaptations, Bruxas da Ecócia amalgamates physical theatre, clowning and, Commedia dell’Arte techniques with Shakespeare’s narrative. In acrobatic numbers, clowns enact and embody Shakespeare’s play physically so that it communicates easily with a young audience. Macbeth is a clumsy and irresolute general married to a very determined and scheming Lady Macbeth. The actors explore the double side of the protagonist well: brave and coward; ambitious and yet hesitant to succumb to evil. Moving up from the title of The King’s Best Friend to Monarch, Macbeth suffers through some shameful and humorous situations. The tragic elements of Shakespeare’s text are transformed through the lens of the clown and yet retain the fundamental themes of the source text. Macbeth’s victims are catapulted to their deaths, the forest moves and is treated as a character and the vibrant music, composed by Fernando Escrich, is played and sung onstage by Vagalum’s resourceful actors. Read More