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Wu’s Shakespeare productions (and date of premiere)

Kingdom of Desire [Macbeth], 1986

War and Eternity [Hamlet], 1990

Lear is Here, 2001

The Tempest, 2004

Key artistic influences on Lear is Here

Martha Graham (1894-1991):  Founding figure in Modern Dance, Wu’s training and performance in modern dance was heavily influenced by Graham’s practice and ideas

Kursowa, Akira (1910-1998):  Film director (RashomonSeven SamuraiThrone of Blood [Castle of the Spider’s Web], an adaptation of Macbeth). Kurosawa was an important  influence on Wu’s Kingdom of Desire [Macbeth], 1985.

Mnouchkine, Ariane (1939-   ):  Director of Theatre de Complicité, Paris.  A leading avant-garde director internationally, Mnouchkine encouraged Wu to stage Lear is Here.

Zhou, Zengrong (1927-2000): Wu’s teacher and mentor in Beijing opera.

Chinese Theater Terms

Huaju: Spoken Drama
Jingjiu:  Beijing opera
chou:  Fool role in Beijing role
dan: Female role in Beijing opera (Cordelia)
gui men dan: Young married woman role (Goneril, Regan)
sheng: Male role in Beijing opera (Kent, Edmund, Edgar)
lao sheng: dignified older male role (Lear, Gloucester)


Key Publications on Wu Hsing-kuo in English

Huang, Alexa  Chinese Shakespeares: Two Centuries of Cultural Exchange NY (Columbia UP, 2009)  216-228.
[See also: Alexa Huang’s essay under Essays & Interviews]

Li, Ruru The Soul of Beijing Opera  Hong Kong (HKUP, 2010)  “Wu Hsing-kuo: Subversion or Innovation”  241-58.

Yong, Li Lan “Shakespeare and the Fiction of the Intercultural” in Barbara Hodgdon and William B. Worthen, eds.  A Companion to Shakespeare and Performance (Oxford: Blackwell, 2005)  527–549.
[See also: Li Lan Yong’s essay under Essays & Interviews]

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