Study Plan for Lear is Here

  1. Read the Lear is Here Introduction.
  2. Browse the Resources and Information page.
  3. Watch the production of Lear is Here in the form of video chapters, each of which has additional notes for that section. The chapter notes will be especially helpful when the action is complex or when it is difficult to tell which role Wu is playing at a given moment.
    (The full production is also available along with some background information.)
  4. Complete two of the short assignments found at the end of some chapters. List of chapters with exercises:
  5. Complete Essay Assignment

Note: The introduction, resources and notes to the production are intended to provide information about what happens in Lear is Here. In completing your assignments, please concentrate on how it happens. Theatrical meaning is created moment to moment, and the exercises ask you to track those changes by identifying short sequences within the performance video.