Lin, Zhaohua 2007

Coriolanus was co-directed by Lin Zhaohua and Yi Liming and performed by the Beijing People’s Arts Theatre. Created in 2007, the production starred Pu Cunxi (as Coriolanus) and Xue Shan and was staged again in 2013 for the Edinburgh Festival.




Li cha san shi (Richard III)

Lin, Zhaohua 2001

Richard III (2001) was directed by Lin Zhaohua and produced by the Lin Zhaohua Workshop, Central Experimental Spoken Drama Company and the Arts College, Sun Wen University. Lin used the Chinese translations of the play by ZHU Shenghao and LIANG Shiqiu. Read More


Lin, Zhaohua 1995

This production of Hamlet proposes the idea that anyone can play the iconic character of Hamlet. The production has the same actor play multiple roles. Hamlet is played by three different actors at various points in the performance. The production also draws references to film adaptions of Hamlet. Read More