Highlights from Cia Vagalum Tum Tum’s O Principe da Dinamarca (Hamlet):
1) 0:00 – 4:26 Hamlet encounters the Ghost
2) 4:27 – 5:42 Gravediggers comment on the meeting between Hamlet and the Ghost


O Principe da Dinamarca (The Prince of Denmark)

Brandini, Ângelo 2011

In their third adaption of Shakespeare, Cia Vagalum Tum Tum transforms Hamlet into a comedy for young audiences in O Principe da Dinamarca.  The action takes place in an abandoned graveyard where two amusing grave diggers, called “To Be” or “Not To Be”, decide to relive the story of the Prince of Denmark. The subject of death in the form of murders, suicide and violent revenge is treated humorously: all characters are dead and it is their skeletons that tell and enact the story of a prince who wants to revenge his father’s death. Blending elements of clowning,  the humorous skeletons dance, play instruments, sing and perform. Read More