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Co-directed by Wu Hsing-kuo and the Hong Kong filmmaker Tsui Hark, the Tempest combined jingju, kunju, and Taiwan’s aboriginal dance, with a cinematic visual language to comment on the tension between the aboriginals and mainland Chinese immigrants to the island of Taiwan.

Performers: Prospero: Wu Hsing-kuo, Ariel: Chu Sheng-li, Alonso: Ma Pao-shan, Stefano: Wang Kuan-chiang, Gonzalo: Liu Zhuoyu, Ferdinand: Sheng Chien, Miranda: Liu Chia-hou, Caliban: Yang Ching-ming, Antonio: Mo Chung-yuan, Sebastian: Hsu- Hsiao-tsun, Trinculo and Boatswain: Lin Chao-hsu, Winter Spirit: Chang Ching-ping, Spring Spirit: Chien Yow-ru, Autumn Spirit: Yu Wei-ling, and Summer Spirit: Wang Juo-mei
Translator / Scriptwriter: Translators: Yamg Mu and Fang Ping and Adapters: Xi Zhigan and Wu Hsing-kuo
Producer: Lin, Hsiu-wei

Designers: Stage and Costume Designer: Tim Yip, Lighting Designer: Tommy Wong, Music Director: Sun Li-yen, Music Composers: Chung Yao-Kuan (new version) and Lee Yi-Chin (Premiere), Percussion Director and Arranger: Chuang Bu-Chiao, and Conductor: Chen Chun-Shian

See also the 2008 performance and the 2009 performance.

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    The Tempest

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    Caliban curses Prospero

    Note: Caliban (an aboriginal Taiwanese) curses Prospero.

    Duration: 00:06:44

    Caliban and Ariel

    Note: Prospero bids farewell to Caliban and Ariel.

    Duration: 00:02:32