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Clowns de Shakespeare, a theatre company founded in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, in 1993, combines elements of circus, of street theatre and of shakespearean dramaturgy, with a marked regional-cultural accent.  Working from a collaborative perspective, the group views itself as a research theater troupe that focuses on building the actor’s stage presence, musicality and body from the scene. Clown techniques are very much present in the group’s aesthetic, from the applying of traditional white face make-up to the wearing of the red nose and a clown half face mask, to the adopting of the clown’s lyricism and subversive logic. Clowns de Shakespeare creates a Brazilian “nordestina” re-reading of Shakespeare’s Richard III, with references to the Brazilian northeast region and British rock.


Cast & Crew

Director: Gabriel Villela

Cast: Camille Carvalho, Dudu Galvão, César Ferrario, Joel Monteiro, Marco França, Paula Queiroz, Renata Kaiser and Titina Medeiros

Assistant Director: Ivan Andrade and Fernando Yamamoto

Original Text: William Shakespeare

Dramaturgical Adaptation: Fernando Yamamoto

Dramaturgical Consulting: Marcos Barbosa

Costume Designer: Gabriel Villela

Set Decoration: Ronaldo Costa

Costume and Wardrobe Department: Giovana Villela

Prop Design: Shicó do Mamulengo

Seamstress: Maria Sales

Music Directors: Marco França, Ernani Maletta and Babaya

Vocal Arrangements: Ernani Maletta and Marco França

Instrumental Arrangements: Marco França

Vocal Preparation: Babaya

Vocal Director for Text and Song: Babaya

Original Instrumental Music: Marco França

Musical Research: Gabriel Villela and the group

Movement Director: Kika Freire

Lighting: Ronaldo Costa

Sound Technician: Diano Carvalho

Stage Manager: Anderson Lira

Production Coordination: Fernando Yamamoto

Production Assistant: Renata Kaiser

Executive Producer: Rafael Telles

Press Office: Verbo Comunicação and Eventos

Photography: Pablo Pinheiro

Graphic Design: Caio Vitoriano

Secretariat: Arlindo Bezerra

Reviews (in Portuguese; Translated)

Additional Information

Production details from the company website (in Portuguese)


— Liana Leao and Anna  Stegh Camati

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    Sua Incelença Ricardo III (His Excellency Richard III)

    Villela, Gabriel | Productions
    Grupo de Teatro Clowns of Shakespeare
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    Source: Clowns de Shakespeare

    Full video

    Note: This is the full video

    Duration: 01:11:14

    Additional Scenes - Sua Inselença, Ricardo III


    Preview - Sua Inselença, Ricardo III


    Interview with Fernando Yamamoto

    Note: Fernando Yamamoto, the artistic director and dramaturg, discusses Clowns de Shakespeare's Sua Inselença, Ricardo III directed by Gabriel Villela, 2011.

    Lady Anne - Sua Inselença, Ricardo III

    Note: Excerpt from Richard III, Act 1, Scene 2:
    1) 0:00 - 0:50 Song #1
    2) 0:52 - 1:31 Song #2
    3) 1:32 - 3:13 Lady Anne confronts Richard (duke of Gloucester)

    Prologue - Sua Inselença, Ricardo III


    Richard becomes king - Sua Inselença, Ricardo III

    Note: Excerpt from Clowns de Shakespeare's Sua Incelença, Ricardo III (Richard III, Act 4, Scene 2): In a song, Richard hires Tyrrel to kill his rivals so that he can ascend the throne and become king.

    war comes to Richard - Sua Inselença, Ricardo III

    Note: Excerpt from Clowns de Shakespeare's Sua Incelença, Ricardo III (Richard III, Act 4, Scene 4): Richard receives news that soldiers are marching against him.

    Richard's death - Sua Inselença, Ricardo III

    Note: Excerpt from Clowns de Shakespeare's Sua Incelença, Ricardo III (Richard III, Act 5, Scene 4): a song is sung of Richard's passing.