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Othelito (2007), adapted and directed by Ângelo Brandini, is a stage re-visitation of Shakespeare’s Othello, the Moor of Venice from the point of view of comedy. The main characters become commedia dell’arte archetypes: Othelito is the Captain, a fearful fellow who is always boasting his achievements. Brabantio becomes a Pantalone of sorts, a cantankerous old miser. Iago is Briguela, the crafty villain. Cassio and Desdemona are the Enamorados, typical romantic characters. With an emphasis on the figure of the clown, the plot unfolds amidst somersaults, cartwheels, slaps and falls. The masks of the commedia dell’arte receive a new twist, notably concerning the clownish eyebrows and noses. Brandini’s ludic recreation recontextualizes the tragic elements of Shakespeare’s plot into a performance that combines elements from the commedia dell’arte and Brazilian cultural practices such as capoeira and samba.


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Text: Ângelo Brandini

Director: Ângelo Brandini

Cast: Christiane Galvan,Teresa Gontijo, Val Pires and Anderson Spada

Costumes: Christiane Galvan

Setting and Props: Sylvia Moreira / Pedro Becker / Luis Rossi

Lighting: Lígia Chaim

Soundtrack: Dagoberto Feliz

Masks: Daisy Nery

Pictures: Felipe Denuzzo

Production: Cia Vagalum Tum Tum

Costumes: Luis Rossi



  • APCA Award: Best Adapted Script
  • 11th British Council Theatre Festival: Best Children’s play
  • FEMSA Award: Best Adapted Script
  • FEMSA: Nominated in eight categories, including best play


Production notes provided by Cristiane Busato Smith.

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    Brandini, Ângelo | Productions
    São Paulo,Brazil

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    Brabantio and handkerchief scenes

    Note: Brabantio, Desdemona's father, reacts to news of his daughter's relationship with Othello. While later in the play, Desdemona speaks with Iago about Othello's anger towards her. After some failed attempts, Iago manages to steal the handkerchief.

    a) opening scene with Brabantio
    b) the handkerchief scene with Desdemona and Iago