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This production of Measure for Measure by Cheek by Jowl was first staged at the Pushkin Theatre in Moscow, the fifh of Cheek by Jowl’s internationally touring Russian productions (following Boris Gudonov, Twelfth Night, Three Sisters and The Tempest). Cheek by Jowl produce work in English, Russian and French, and are widely regarded as one of the most important European theatre companies of the past thirty years. This is the company’s second production of Measure for Measure, the first in Russian, and many reviewers understood the modern-dress production to be a comment on surveillance and oppression in contemporary Russia. Marina Tokareva, for Novaya Gazeta, argued that the production was ‘a shattering portrait of contemporary Russia’ and that Donnellan ‘manages to convey with power and conviction the eternal conflict between the self interest of those who rule and the people who crave for mercy’. With the ensemble constantly onstage, always watching, and no set beyond three large red cubes, everything in the production’s world was exposed and visible, and the production was unforgiving in its portrayal of the suffering shared by all within a police state.

The production was live-streamed from the Barbican Theatre on April 22, 2015, initiating a series of experimental partnerships to broaden access to Cheek by Jowl’s work.


Directed by Declan Donnellan

The cast includes Alexander Arsentyev (originally Valery Pankov), Anna Khalilulina, Andrei Kuzichev, Alexander Feklistov, Alexander Matrosov, Igor Teplov, Petr Rykov, Anastasia Lebedeva, Elmira Mirel, Alexey Rakhmanov, Nikolay Kislichenko, Ivan Litvinenko, Yuri Rumyantsev.


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Peter Kirwan prepared the metadata for this production. He is Assistant Professor in Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama at the University of Nottingham. His research interests include contemporary performance of early modern drama, theatre and book history, authorship and disputed Shakespeare plays, and Shakespearean adaptation. His books include Shakespeare and the Idea of Apocrypha (Cambridge, 2015) and Shakespeare and the Digital World (Cambridge, 2014). His current project is a book-length study of Cheek by Jowl for the Arden Shakespeare, and he is also editing Doctor Faustus for Routledge.



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