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Henry V is the fourth and final episode in The Hollow Crown TV series aired in 2012 and produced by Sam Mendes. Thea Sharrock directed this adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play. The other three episodes are: Richard II; Henry IV, Part 1; and Henry IV, Part 2.


Tom Hiddleston as King Henry V
Richard Griffiths as Duke of Burgundy
Julie Walters as Mistress Quickly
John Hurt as The Chorus
Lambert Wilson as French King
Geraldine Chaplin as Alice
Edward Akrout as Louis the Dauphin

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    The Hollow Crown: Henry V

    Sharrock, Thea | Productions
    United Kingdom

    No surrender

    Note: Just before fighting begins at Agincourt, the French Herald Montjoy rides up to the English camp with a message from the French Constable - give up or be obliterated. Henry (Tom Hiddleston) tells the Herald that there will be no surrender. More about this programme: