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Brazil: Gabriel Villela | Romeo and Juliet (Grupo Galpão)

How does the performance style of a Brazilian street theater troupe make the transition to the stage of Shakespeare’s Globe in London?

Japan: KURITA Yoshihiro | Hamlet (Ryutopia)

Performed on a Noh stage, with live actors playing puppets, and with modern Japanese dialogue, Hamlet never moves from his seated position on stage. How is action handled? How does he confront his mother in the closet scene?

Czech Republic: Jiří Trnka | A Midsummer Night’s Dream

What does a Shakespeare play look like as an animated feature in Czech by the world’s greatest puppeteer?

Taiwan: WU Hsing-kuo | Lear Is Here

How does a Beijing Opera star recreate his career by staging a version of Lear in which he plays 10 different characters?

France: Peter Brook | Hamlet

A leading British director stages a minimalist Hamlet in Theatre Bouffe du Nord in Paris with a multi-national cast.

Kuwait: Sulayman Al-Bassam | Richard III: An Arab Tragedy

Shakespeare’s political drama set in the context of modern-day oil-rich kingdom.

China: SU Leci | Revenge of the Prince

Hamlet interpreted in the musical and performance traditions of a modern operatic form popular in the southern regions of the Yangtze River (yueju or Yue opera).

United Kingdom: David Tse | King Lear

A Chinese King Lear’s misunderstanding of his daughters is complicated by the fact that Cordelia speaks in English.

India: R. Raju | Iruthiattam

An example of what Poonam Trivedi calls “indigenized Shakespeare,” this production adapts the conventions of the terukutoo, a popular street form of South India.

Taiwan: LU Boshen | Hamlet Unplugged

In this highly contemporary production, Hamlet carries a video camera and the ghost appears on a wall-mounted screen.

Brazil: Eduardo Bonito | Caliban

In this monologue based on The Tempest, Caliban wears the feathered head piece of the indigenous Tupi people. How does his performance reflect on anti-colonial themes in the play?

Singapore: ONG Keng Sen | Lear

Sometimes called the pan-Asian Lear, this production is performed in four languages: Indonesian, Mandarin, Japanese and Thai.