Essays & Written Interviews

Title Author
Shakespeare’s Shadow: The Belarus Free Theatre’s King Lear at the Globe Theatre Natalia Khomenko
Western Influence on Asian Theatre: Taiwan Alexa Huang
Shamlet: Shakespeare as Palimpsest by Alexa Huang Alexa Huang
Yukio Ninagawa as a Great Shakespearean Alexa Huang
Interview of Ing K, Director of Shakespeare Must Die Colleen Kennedy
Sulayman Al-Bassam’s The Speaker’s Progress: Introduction Graham Holderness
Sulayman Al-Bassam’s The Al-Hamlet Summit: Introduction Graham Holderness
Arabesque: Shakespeare and Globalisation Graham Holderness
From Summit to Tragedy: Sulayman Al-Bassam’s Richard III and Political Theatre Graham Holderness
Arab Shakespeare Graham Holderness
Sulayman Al-Bassam’s An Arab Tragedy: Introduction Graham Holderness
Shakespeare in Latin America Aimara da Cunha Resende
The Failed Literary Revolt: Shakespeare and the Early American Left Jeffrey Butcher
Listening to Global Shakespeare Kendra Preston Leonard
“What Country, Friends, Is This?”: Multilingual Shakespeare on Festive Occasions Alexa Huang
Nós do Morro: Voice, Art, and Empowerment Cristiane Busato Smith
The Impermanence of Son and Stone: Transience as Personal Narrative in Wu Hsing-Kuo’s Lear is Here, Wu Hsing-Kuo Meets Shakespeare Alexa Huang
What Multilingual Shakespeare Can Teach Us Alexa Huang
Shakespeare in Borrowed Robes Alexa Huang
The Paradox of Female Agency: Ophelia and East Asian Sensibilities: Excerpt Alexa Huang
Shakespeare and Translation: Excerpt Alexa Huang
Shakespeare in Europe: Introduction Aneta Mancewicz
Tang Shu-wing’s Titus Andronicus 2.0 and a Poetic Minimalism of Violence Howard Choy
Interview of Oh Tae-suk, Korean Director Alexa Huang
Shakespeare in Brazil: Introduction Liana de Camargo Leão
Shakespeare in the Arab World: Introduction Margaret Litvin
Introduction to Taiwan Alexa Huang
Shakespeare in India: Modes of Performance Poonam Trivedi
Shakespeare in India: Chronology of King Lear Productions in India Poonam Trivedi
Shakespeare in India: History of King Lear in India Poonam Trivedi
Shakespeare in Asia: Introduction Peter S. Donaldson
Ma Yong’an: Excerpt from an Interview Alexa Huang
Wu Hsing-kuo: Excerpt from an Interview Alexa Huang
Hamlet in China: Translation, Interpretation and Performance Ruru Li
Shakespeare, Performance, and Autobiographical Interventions Alexa Huang
Shakespeare, Asian Actors and Intercultural Spectatorship Li Lan Yong
Shakespeare in India: Introduction Poonam Trivedi
Shakespeare in Korea: Introduction Hyon-u Lee
United Kingdom & North America – Introduction Peter S. Donaldson