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Set in Song-dynasty China, the Bond dramatizes the conflict between the Arab Muslim Tazis and Cathayans. The adaptation highlights male bonding, and was staged as an excerpt during the  British Shakespeare Association’s 2009 Conference in London.


Creative Team:

Perng, Ching-Hsi (script); Chen, Fang (script); Ke, Ji-liang (executive producer); Chen, Zhao-hu (producer); Wei, Kuo-tai (artistic director); Lin, Juan-fei (associate producer); Yin, Kuan-chun (associate director); Geng, Yu-ching (music design); Lin, Heng-zheng (costume design); Zhang, Ting-ying (instrumental musical arrangement); Chen, Hui (set design); Jack (lighting design); Xie, Wen-tong (costume assistant); Chen, Yong-xian (head pieces); Wang, Yi-jun (head pieces); Chen, Ming-ying (costumes); Chen, Yong-xian (costumes); Zhuang, You-xin (costumes); Cai, Jin-gui (costumes); Chen, Gui-lan (costumes); Lin, Bi-mei (costumes); Chen, Qiu-duan (costumes); Gan, Ting-yu (costumes); Zhang, Fu-qiang (stage manager); Zhang, Fu-qiang (technical director); Huang, Wen-chong (sound director); Ou, Yan-gu (lighting director); Yang, Bing-ru (set technical director); Zhang, Zheng-an (stage manager assistant); Xu, De-Jia (assistant stage manager); Xu, De-Jia (technical assistant); Guo, Li-wei (set); Liao, Jun-wei (set); Feng, Shen-zhe (set); Jian, Chen-fan (set); Lin, Jia-yu (set); Ou, Yu-hong (set); Li, Yun-zhong (lighting); Yang, Hong-wei (lighting); Cai, Wen-zhe (lighting); Wei, Li-ting (lighting); Wei, Li-ting (lighting assistant); Jing, Rui-nian (sound effect); Chen, Duo-fu (music); Yan, Wen-zong (sound effect); Wang, Guan-xiang (set); Chen, Jun-hao (set); Zhang, Jing-xiang (set); Zhang, Kai-jun (set); Liao, Min-ci (set); Chen, En-cui (set); Lin, Shi-jie (set); Lin, Zhi-wei (set); Zhang, Yun-man (set); Zhang, Luo-jun (set); Li, Yu-mei (subtitles)

Wang, Hai-ling (Xia, Luo / Shylock); Hsiao, Yang-ling (Murong, Tian / Portia); Chu, Hai-shan (An, Yibo / Antonio); Liu, Chian-hua (Ba, Wuji / Bassanio); Yin, Kuan-chun (County Magistrate Bao / Magnificoes); Hsieh, Wen-chi (Xingyun / Nerissa); Zheng, Yang-wei (Guanuo / Gratiano); Hu, Chang-min (Old Man); Lin, Wen-wei (Lei, Gentleman); Lin, Yuan-mao (Old Man); Zhang, Yang-zhong (Suo, Gentleman); Lian, Hong-zhen (Old Servant / Balthasar); Zhang, Yi-sheng (An, Tai / Servant); Wu, Hai-chun (Zhang, Cheng); Lin, Yuan-mao (Zhou, Mei / Suitor); Yin, Kuan-chun (Xu, Jiu / Suitor); Li, Zhi-hong (Japanese Suitor); Hu, Chang-min (Hua, Bao); Zhang, Xuan-ting (Maid); Zhang, Yang-lan (Maid); Sun, Yi-ting (Maid); Li, Zhi-hong (Runner); Yang, Yuan-Qing (Tazi / Tubal); Xiao, Yang-ling (Tazi); Wang, Hai-ling (Chorus); Fu, Rui-yun (Chorus); Deng, Hai-lian (Chorus); Zhang, Yang-lan (Chorus); Zhang, Xuan-ting (Chorus); Sun, Yi-ting (Chorus); Lin, Yuan-mao (Chorus); Zhang, Yang-zhong (Chorus); Lin, Wen-wei (Chorus); Zhang, Yi-sheng (Chorus); Zhang, Xuan-ting (Female Vocal Accompaniment); Lin, Yuan-mao (Male Vacal Accompaniment); Zhang, Jia-ling (Roustabout); Zhang, Jia-ling (Runner); Tian, Zhi-han (Roustabout); Tian, Zhi-han (Runner); Wu, Ren-jie (Roustabout); Wu, Ren-jie (Runner); Gao, Zhen-nan (Roustabout); Gao, Zhen-nan (Runner)



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  1. Sarah Izmeth says:

    Thanks for reminding me not be closed minded when studying literature. My mind tends to paint only one perfect picture. This article reminded me of the Asian perspective on the Shakespearen community and ideology. I’m interested in this continuing education course because I’d learn how to place The Merchant of Venice amongst the Chinese dynasty historic community.

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