Introducing the Global Shakespeare Curriculum Initiative

July 11, 2011

Written by Peter S. Donaldson, MIT

The Global Shakespeare Curriculum Initiative based at MIT and supported by the School of Humanities Fund for Teaching and Learning brings together MIT faculty and collaborators from across the world to create new classes that integrate theatrical and literary approaches to Global Shakespeare using the materials of the archive as well as on-line multimedia essay tools and virtual and in-person sharing of classes.  MIT participants include: Peter Donaldson, Global Shakespeares editor, Shankar Raman (MIT Literature) author of Framing ‘India’; Diana Henderson, Dean for Curriculum and Faculty Support; Janet Sonenberg, Head of MIT Theater Arts, Jay Scheib, MIT Theater Arts Professor, internationally prominent director and Time Out‘s “Best Director in New York” for 2009.  Collaborators include Alex Huang, Global Shakespeares editor, Margaret Litvin, Boston University, Poonam Trivedi (University of Delhi) and others.


MIT Profs. Donaldson, Henderson, Raman, Scheib, and Sonenberg


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